Perdition Temple – Sacrament of Descension

It was a cold Autumn day in 1997, I was hanging in a corner of a gloomy music shop located in an old- grotesque Turkish shopping passage in a rainy day. I was looking at an encyclopedia like 15-inch cassette list of the music store in my hand and checking new arrivals of albums. Angelcorpse name caught my eye on the list, I had seen it in one of the magazines I bought or flyers that I was received before. I remember band’s name was a little lame to me for a minute because there were shitload of ‘’corpse’’ bands in 90s but I was curious because it was black metal so I felt compelled to order.

Angelcorpse is one of my favorite death-black metal bands ever since, even though they’ ve already been disbanded for years. Gene and Pete continue to lead this genre without interruption with their own projects. Perdition Temple is the band of guitarist Gene Palubicki and this is the third long play album released since 2010. Gene continues his occultist blackened death metal style, which he pioneered in style since then. Gene is one of my favorite guitarists in this style, probably one of the guys who compose the most striking and blasphemic speed black death metal tracks in the underground music community and he definetely takes his credit from me. Gene composes all rhythms and touches of anti-religious and occultist American death metal and old school black metal in all Perdition Temple albums. Sacrament of Descension is definetely the last epic on the same path.

The band had previously worked with musicians such as Bill Taylor, who did epic work with Immolation, and Impurath who is the main man of Black Witchery, which is one of the most treacherous movements of Black Metal in United States. In this album, they are a new trio with Gene on vocals and guitars, Parmer on drums and Blume on bass guitars. As a vocalist, Gene’s vocals are very successful in vocal rhythms and vocal tones perfectly match to the songs structure he played on guitars via songwriting. Ronnie Parmer is one of the well known drummers around Florida and USA nowadays, he plays in many well-known death metal bands around as a full timer or studio musician. He is pretty talented about the dynamics and touches in this album.

Sacrament of Descension is undoubtedly a classy work as an album. You can’t find any single unnecessary chord and key in the compositions. The compositions were made with a great proportion. You will find everything I described above in this album. This is an album that will hit the spot as a bullet for those who know the old works of the band and the scene’s acts. If you want to listen to real deal black blood death metal to the core, you can order a hard copy of Sacraments of Descension without thinking twice.

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