Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions – 2013 – France

The label Ladlo Production is known for their unconventional releases.This is continued with the French 1-man project PENSEES NOCTURNES. Verohn put recently his already fourth full-length cd named “Nom D’Une Pipe!“ on the scene.

“Nom D’Une Pipe!“ is an unusual album right from the beginning. Here can happen all or nothing. The listener gets from one second to another from calm, sterling music to a complete musical chaos. This makes already sure the complete unbriddled, partially also disharmonic instrumentation. Saxofone, accordion, trumpet, guitars and drums seem to develop here its own life and do what they want and not what the musician wants to do.Weird, very arbitrary sound collages develop which are unique in their diversity. This seemingly utter chaos extrapolates partially only at repeated listening to the listener. “Nom D’Une Pipe!“ is therefore very heavy boarding which demands a lot from the listener, but even offers a broad musical spectrum. Nevertheless is retained a dark, morbid undertone at the all in all nine songs. The vocals are also completely desultory and very spontaneous. But, they insert outstanding into the complete works. Sometime very melodic then chanson-like in order to come in screaming the next moment completely unexpected or with growls. PENSEES NOCTRNES offer the perfect soundtrack to an old French movie. Thereby is no musical genre hilarious and no border not exceeded. The concept of the seemingly conceptlessness totally works out here. To buy is duty!!!

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