PENANCE ”Dawn At A New (sav) Age”

Self-released – 2013 – United Kingdom

he Englishmen PENANCE are heard from again. Their latest cd is called “Dawn At A New (sav) Age“ and will be put on the Metal market in March 2013 in in-house production.

To describe the music of PENANCE is quite not that easy. Melodic Death Metal base frames come upon Doom Metal. Variable interspersed riffs which come in halting and then again melodic emphaisze the bands’ creativity and relax the all in all ten songs. The powerful rhythm fraction supports the aggressive character and gives the album sustainability. Hardcore/Nu Metal elements give additional energy. By the use of on the one hand distinctive, dark growls and on the other hand clean vocals the eagerness to experiment and the richness in variety of the band is once again underpinned. The songs are all located in the mid tempo area. The listener is again and again surprised at “Dawn At A New (savage) Age“. No song sounds like the other so that the production never gets boring. Thereof develop songs which set pleasant apart of the other mishmash. The concept Death Metal meets Doom Metal and Hardcore/Nu Metal completely comes off here! I can only recommend PENANCE!!!

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