PATHOLOGY ”Incisions of Perverse Debauchery”

Comatose Music – 2008 (Re-release,2010) – U.S.A.

One of the things I like about metal is that when you go about searching for new albums, it’s always easy to know what you’re downloading. How does one achieve this omniscience? Simple, look at the album cover. If you get an album cover with epic imagery of dragons, vast majestic landscapes (usually with castles) , or men dressed in revealing homoerotic leather outfits, it’s safe to say you’re in for some power metal. If the album artwork contains images of forests or snowy mountains, or is black and white and creepy, or has grown men in black and white face-paint holding invisible oranges, then you probably have a black metal album in your hands. And if you’ve got an album with corpses missing limbs, zombies, live people carving up dead people, dead people carving up not-alive-for-long people, and whatnot, then you can bet your ass it’s probably a brutal death metal album.

A quick glance at the top right corner of the screen should quickly reveal to you what genre Pathology play. Just in case the zombie surgeon and the mutilated corpse don’t spell things out for you quite properly, you can direct your attention to the song titles. “Creation of Mass Destruction”, “Eviscerated Human Torso”, “Defiled Autopsy Remnants”, “Pathogens of Cystic Decay” – if you’re not seeing the picture here, I suggest you might want to sign yourself up for education of special individuals, and by “special”, I don’t mean “gifted”. So now what does Incisions of Perverse Debauchery actually sounds like? Well, for the first half-minute or so of the opening title track I thought someone had took Rhapsody of Fire mp3s and renamed them to the songs of Incisions of Perverse Debauchery. Epic synths are not usually the way most brutal death metal albums start off. Turns out though that that wasn’t part of the actual song and was just some sample of creepy dialogue. Pretty soon the blastbeats kick in, and then I know I’m listening to the right album.

Past the opening half-minute of the opener, there aren’t other surprises on the album. What you see in the song-title is usually what you get. What do I mean by that? Hectic blastbeats, buzzsaw tremolo riffs, piercing pinch-harmonics, subterranean gutturals, and all that good stuff. Clearly these guys are out to enter you from every hole, and don’t mind blowing their brutal death metal load inside you. While only “Eviscerated Human Torso”, “Defiled Autopsy Remnants”, “Lycanthropy of Dead Flesh”, and “Necrotic Prayers for Genocide’ really stand out, the rest of the five tracks delivers consistent enjoyable brutal death. The guitar tone is raw without sacrificing clarity, and fucking heavy without swallowing the treble. Drums have a solid presence, and have the appropriate arsenal of blasts, double-bass, and fills and utilize them in the proper situations. The bass is kinda not really there.

While Incisions of Perverse Debauchery doesn’t give me a raging hard-on or anything, it does manage to be an enjoyable, mindless listen. Not the most imaginative release, but it does deliver the goods, at least on the aforementioned four tracks. I’m still scratching my head over the fact that these goremongers are signed to Victory Records though. Brutal death metal coming from the guys that signed supposed nu metal/post-grunge thugs Taproot, generic-as-it-fucking-gets-metalcore band Beneath The Sky, and deathcore Neanderthals Emmure? Fuck me up the ass and call me a spotted panda. Maybe there is hope for Victory Records yet. Just sign on Viraemia, and we may have ourselves some semblance of progress.


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