2010 – Sweden

Passiv Dödshjälp is a five guys from Sweden who decided to play characteristic hardcore for their region – very crusty, dirty, and based on the rock` n `roll feeling. But at the beginning a few biographical facts maybe. Gentlemen from the city of Gavle, and its playing began in 2007. A year later they released in Halvfabrikat records their first 8-track demo on CD-R. Nextly came the time for release shared with the Norwegian band, all the same worthy – Livstid, this time in the format of 7`.

“Hang House” brings us 12 (plus intro) fast numbers, which rarely exceed the limit of 2:30 minutes. As mentioned above, we won`t hear here cleaned for hours, in the best studio, sound. In this regard, the musicians have focused on traditional punk filth, which in this music as much as possible and in fact works hard to imagine this production in the more sterile form. Although the raw sonic envelope (which of course has an undeniable impact on the very atmosphere of the disc), the music is great and defends itself from the outset and a surprising melodic moments even assertiveness. Passiv Dödshjälp strikes, however, bluntly, without further ado and unnecessary musical masturbation. Typically, the punk-rock ‘n’ roll bands fantastic riffs combined with an extremely addictive melodies in the background. The whole is maintained at a fairly fast tempo, although there are always interesting to go here, monumental reliefs, or detention, so that the material is even more valuable. The music perfectly complements the unbridled aggression charged, dirty hue of deep scream.

To sum up – if someone likes to hear d-beat style of Victims, Disfear or Skitsystem – this LP is definitely for him.

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