Pasadena Napalm Division

MUNICIPAL WASTE frontman Tony Foresta makes a guest appearance on the new album from PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION, the band featuring members of D.R.I., DEAD HORSE and VERBAL ABUSE. Tony wrote lyrics to, and sang, one song and added backing vocals to many of the other tunes on the CD, which was recorded in Austin, Texas.

The release of the PASADENA NAPALM DIVISION album should coincide with the arrival of the new MUNICIPAL WASTE LP as well as the 30-year anniversary tour of D.R.I. Talk about perfect timing!
Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.) – Vocals
Greg Martin (DEAD HORSE) – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ronny Guyote (DEAD HORSE) – Drums/Backing Vocals
Scott Sevall (DEAD HORSE) – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bubba D. (VERBAL ABUSE) – Bass/Backing Vocals

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