Century Media Records – 2012 – United Kingdom

I can’t stand when I read somewhere in a review “back to the roots” for an album since most times it is just a marketing trick to sell that particular album to the fans that were disappointed by the previous release from that band, but in the case of the new Paradise Lost album, this is very true. The new album sounds like Paradise Lost sounded at their best times back when they recorded “Draconian Times” and “Icon”. It is like there were never all the albums since then. Just like if time stood still. This new album has all the elements from those days with a modern sound so all the old fans who still cry about their old days can finally stop crying. On this album, there are 10 songs which are mostly slow, but 2 songs here on this release are faster ones. I am speaking about the songs “Theories from another World” and “In this we dwell”. These two songs give to this album the certain something to speed it up a bit. This is surely good, since the previous songs on this album are slow but still heavy, so the change of speed is more than welcome. I won’t say that the previous songs started to be boring or something like this; it’s just that a change of speed was needed after them. There are no bad songs on this album, or songs which are under the average. All of them are quiet good and I was able to hear them live at the Belgrade Calling Festival so I can say that they spind also awesome live. I guess that in some years from now, the band will still play a lot of them live on their gigs and the fans will still love them and sing them as well. But lets go back now to the album. The production here on it is very clean and heavy and it gives the certain heaviness to the songs here on this album. Beside the normal version, there is also a special limited version available with some bonus material. Unfortunately, I am writing this review for the normal version without the bonus material, so I can’t say anything about the special edition of it. The only thing that I can say is that it looks awesome since I saw it in a store. This album is certainly one of the best albums of this year for me and I must say that I enjoy listening it very much.


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