PARADISE LOST ”The Plague Within”

Century Media – 2015 – United Kingdom

Paradise Lost released a new album and it seems like they are remembering their past more and more with each new album. While their previous album was a big step back to their glorious “Draconian Times” and “Icon” era, this album goes even one step more into the past. There are a lot of Death Metal elements here on this release, but this doesn’t mean that this release is a pure Death Metal album. There are also a lot of Gothic and Doom elements here, now they are just combined with Death Metal. The songs here are more brutal and the vocals also go way more into Growls comparing too much of their previous albums so far. It would be very interesting to know why? The song “No Hope In Sight” is the best mix of these different styles combined in one song. It has the brutal intro and also the slow and atmospheric elements for which Paradise Lost are known for. But it doesn’t mean that this song is the only good and interesting song here on this release. Such elements you can find in all songs here, and in some the fit into better than into others but this doesn’t mean that those songs are weak or bad. It is just a bit strange to hear them now this way. The production could be a bit better at certain points, but I guess that they wanted such a production for this release. Maybe this is also the best for this record. All in all, a very good and interesting album.


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