PANIKK ”Unbearable Conditions”

Metal Tank Records – 2013 – Slovenia

The Slovens PANIKK recently put their debut cd “Unbearable Conditions“ on the Metal market via Metal Tank Records.

The gents celebrate here Old School Thrash Metal as its best. The all in all three songs come across fresh and energetic and leave a lasting impression at the listener. Extensive riffs ala HEATHEN give the production independence and sustainability. The listener feels straight relegated into the good old days. PANIKK are however anything but dusty or antiquated. They floor from the first to the last note the accelerator and sound thereby however diversified. The snotty, cheeky vocals of shouter and guitarist Gasper Flere gives “Unbearable Conditions“ additional power and hardness. Productional you also can’t nag here. The songs are recorded very ambitious. Here were professionals at the work which you can also hear. I can only recommend PANIKK to each listener!!!

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