PAIMONIA ”Modern Way of Distraction”

Silent Scream Records – 2012 – Serbia

PAIMONIA is a yet young band from Serbia. This year they released with “Modern Way Of Distraction” their debut EP via Silent Scream Records.

The listener is presented here Melodic Black Metal. But, don’t worry! It is here neither about fabric softener music nor of a DISSECTION or DARK FUNERAL cover band! Mixed with some Death Metal elements “Modern Way Of Distraction” become a very diversified and independent EP. The variable use of different tempi and sounds give the production strength and shows the bands’ multifacetedness. From very slow parts to fast thrashing everything is represented. Different musical worlds develop in the listeners’ eye. The all in all four songs (The very successful DISSECTION cover “Frozen” inclusive) receive by the fast doubleblast drumming aggressiveness and emphasis. Rounded off by distinctive, emphatic growls results in the typical sound of PAIMONIA. A very intense, dark EP which was recorded very ambitious and causes goosebumps feeling. You should check out PAIMONIA by all means. It’s worth it in any case!!!


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