PAIMONIA – ” Disease Named Humanity ”

Humanity’s Plague Productions- 2013 – Serbia

PAIMONIA are from Serbia. Late last year they released their cd “Disease Named Humanity“ via Humanity’s Plague Productions.
What does my ears hear here? Black Metal. PAIMONIA give rise to darkness and hopelessness in the form of notes pure and unaltered. Melodies which also include elements of classical music defer a bizarre symbiosis to pitch-black, icecold riffs. Worlds without light and love arise which seem to be almost insuperable. The only loosening up are melodic speckles introduced now and then. But, they can’t alleviate depression and despite, too. Infinite agony of mind which is yet reinforced by the nagging vocals seem to weight tons. This impression is still reinforced by halting riffs. Also the change in speed and even an acoustic guitar part can’t belie this fact. Bands like WATAIN cross my mind while listening. Severe doubleblast drumming as well as powerful bass-lines give “Disease Named Humanity“ additionally flavour. It is originated a very intense musical journey which requires already some time for listening. Professional and ambitious recorded the cd definitely whets your appetite for more. I can only recommend PAIMONIA to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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