P.T.O.M.A ”Demo”

Self Released – 2011- Greece

P.T.O.M.A. are one alcoholic thrash crew from Thessaloniki,Greece and this is their first ever demo in which you will find four tracks filled with loud guitars,fast drumming and durty humour.When you see title like “Wrath Of The Anus”, it becomes pretty clear that there aren’t any serious social topics to be found.Antonis Saliogas’ vocals reminds of the voice of NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s John Connely and the music itself carries the thrashing spirit of D.R.I. and the whole thrash/crossover scene.The last track “Die With Titties In Your Face” is 100% too-drunk-to-fuck alcoholic anthem which surely is always present in P.T.O.M.A.’s setlist.I don’t know when these guys are planning to release their first full-length album but in case you are into party thrash/crossover stuff check this band out!


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