Ox – Real to You

Between 90s grunge and modern rock sounds, OX can be found. Hard riffs, melodic choruses and catchy songs are their trademarks. With this, they have created their own identity. In the songs, interpersonal relationships are processed on all levels. Also, criticism of society and oneself is not spared. Thus, every listener is invited to think and rethink. With their guitar-heavy songs, they create an intense atmosphere that captivates the audience, especially at their live shows.

The band OX was founded in 2015 by singer, guitarist and songwriter Simon Ochs. Drummer Max Siegmund and bassist Niklas Reinfandt already knew Simon from their time together in the prog-rock band “Fire on Dawson”. Guitarist Nadir Zee from Karlsruhe finally completed the band. Already during the first sessions, it became clear that special energy was present and already one year after formation OX released their first studio album “Rewind to Overwrite”. No boundaries were set in songwriting and a great stylistic variety emerged. The album was mixed at Tidal Wave Studios and mastered by Grammy-nominated sound engineer Robin Schmidt (The Black Keys and Beatsteaks, among others). Shortly thereafter followed numerous club gigs in southern Germany, concerts at the Mixery Camp at the Melt! festival and a multi-week tour of Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia). At the same time, work was done on the second studio album “Breaking Point”, which was completed in 2019 with the support of the same production team. After the successful release of the album, the pandemic-induced break was used as an opportunity to tackle a new artistic direction, focusing on a heavier and more modern sound somewhere between alternative metal and post-grunge. In collaboration with Sawdust Recordings in Halle/Saale and many other artists and media professionals, the first vision of the quartet’s most ambitious work to date was born. The amazing results are the two new singles “Blame the Fallen” and “Another One to Care”.

Musically audibly matured, the band from Karlsruhe is far from the end of their journey. OX live for their music and are constantly ready to break new ground. After the creatively used time off, they are burning to present their new songs live to a large audience.

After the artistic refocusing of the band, towards a more modern and also heavier sound somewhere between modern rock and alternative metal, the newly single Real To You is the first harbinger of the band’s next big project – an EP to be released this fall, on which the band has refined and perfected their new sound. Like the last two singles, Real To You was created in close collaboration with Sawdust Recordings (production, mix and master). In terms of content, the song, which was heavily inspired by the events of the last few years, revolves around how people perceive reality and how one’s own ideas can become personal realities. The new single is accompanied by a modern performance video that clearly puts the music in the centre of the action, but at the same time picks up and amplifies the energy of the song.

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