OVERKILL ”Ironbound”

Nuclear Blast/E1 Music – 2010 – USA

Ever since the band’s 2007 yawn-fest “Immortalis” inspired a coma, this reviewer hasn’t expected anything worthwhile to come from Overkill. Lo and behold, the aged quintet have rediscovered their thrashy selves for this year’s very cool“Ironbound.” Its attractive cover sports an excellent rendition of the band’s winged skull mascot Chaley, this time encased in, uh, iron. (Ironbound, right?) Beginning with the lazy notes of “The Green and Black,” the wailing guitars don’t arrive until a solid mintue of meandering bass lines from D. D. Verni. Whereas the first song eventually grows into a rapidfire romp, the title track that follows is a catchy beast showcasing Overkill’s talent for memorable material. Watch out for the massive guitar harmony churning around its middle and the memorable chorus punctuated by singer Bobby Blitz’s blood curdling “Irrrrrron-bound!!!”

Old school charm prevails on “Bring Me The Night” while “The Goal Is Your Soul” sails through seas of epicness. The latter is the type of song whose subtle start gets heavy inside a minute or two and if you enjoy this oft-used device in yer music, try the forementioned opener “The Green And Black,” “Killing For A Living” whose start is oddly reminiscent of Metallica’s own “Damage Inc.” and “The Head And Heart.” For meatier fare, “Give A Little” and “Endless War” are guaranteed crotch-punching numbers armed with the band’s signature punk flare stewing in patented Overkill vinegar. Production-wise, Overkill v.2010 are sounding like talented debutantes—at least to ears who haven’t dug these guys until this album. The level of energy and sheer heavyness throughout “Ironbound” is unbelievable, you almost want to forsake all the newer bands in the thrash scene. No doubt about it, this here “Ironbound” ranks among the quintet’s best albums. The energy, the ambitious (!) musicianship, the songwriting; it’s the absolute nipples, all guns blazing, 100% aural whupass.

The metal gets its proper dose of “heavy” for “In Vain” and the neck-bobbing “The Head And Heart”; the latter’s verve making it “Ironbound”’s finest offering. The curtains fall on this steel entombed beast with the edge-of-your-seat thrasher “The SRC” (that’s Subterranean Resistance Cult). Contemplating this atom bomb’s aftermath, only a month into 2010 and Overkill have already aced 99% of the competition with an incinerating thrash barrage that’ll leave few survivors. The old-school really owns our souls.


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