OV HELL ”The Underworld Regime”

Indie Recordings – 2010 – Norway

I found that album early in this year. To be honest, I should say that I didn’t know much about its members at first. I even thought how banal its name is. Though I don’t like them much, Shagrath may do good jobs sometimes. So I can say that he is as successful as he was in the Chrome Division.

There are two main players in the crew: First one is King from the group Gorgorth and the other is Dimmu Burger’s, sorry… Dimmu Borgir’s member Shagrath However, having Frost among the session members increases the value of the album. Anyway, I said so not because I like him but because I find his playing skills pretty well.

The album is an example of post black metal style which is recorded with such technology that bears ZERO novelty, ZERO creativity and ZERO spirit. Songs are pretty repetitive. Although it features people with strong playing skills, it is shaded by the mentality of “let’s just finish it asap”

It reminds me the last period of Immortal. The crew can be incredible but that doesn’t mean anything as long as the music cannot affect the inner world of the audience. I think the mentality here is gathering the popular artists to sell more albums for profit. Thus, its worthy to give it a try but it is certainly not a masterpiece.


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