ORPHAN HATE ”Attitude & Consequences”

Metal Promotions – 2012 – Germany

At the end of last year the German band ORPHAN HATE put their opus “Attitude & Consequences“ on the scene.

What can I expect here? ORPHAN HATE offer a successful mixture of Metal, Rock & Alternative. Thereby it goes with the all in all 12 songs straight and without detours to the goal. “Attitude & Consequences“ receives variability and energy by the variable use of different musical elements. Powerful Metal riffs give the LP the necessary hardness. Supported by a distinctive Rock voice in the person of Sina Niklas who imparts the songs emphasis and hardness, develop independent compositions which are fresh and energetic. Tecnically adept recorded you can hear here the experience of grown musicians which additionally benefits “Attitude & Consequences“. ORPHAN HATE show multi-variant and genre overlapping many international acts who’s the boss. Listen to ORPHAN HATE. It’s worth it by all means!!!

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