ORPHAN EXECUTUION ”Condemned By Legacies”

Self Released Album – 2016 – Germany

ORPHAN EXECUTION are heard from again. After their cd “Forsaken“ from the year 2013 the gents delight us now with „Condemned By Legacies“. The official release date is January, 21th 2017.
Sheer energy from the first note on. The guys took with this production a great step forward without denying their roots. Death Metal with a proper portion Metalcore which is anthing but fabric softener music. With widly range and aggression played ORPHAN EXECUTION offer the sympathetic listener everything he needs. Diversified riffs which give the all in all eleven songs the necessary power and determinateness. The forceful drumming gives additionally the main points without overlaying. The dark, snotty vocals are here yet the icing on the cake. Skilful games with tempi and melody cater for the necessary balance. Obviously more diversified and more mature than 2013 “Condemned By Legacies“ is a good example how Metal made in Germany should sound like in 2016/2017!!!!


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