ORIGIN ”Omnipresent”

Agonia Records -2015 – USA

You actually need not to introduce the American band ORIGIN anymore. Since 1997 musically on the road they now released with the help of Agonia Records their sixth full-length album.
The gents get started with uncompromising hardness. Deth Metal at its best resounds off my loudspeakers. Very technical played you pick out in each note hate, aggressiveness and intensity. Thereby ORIGIN display a breathtaking speed. Hard with little short of supersonic speed played riffs which build together with an incredible fast doubleblast drumming the base frame of the all in all thirteen songs. Sometimes chopped or played a bit slower they nevertheless put variability into the play in order to accellerate the next moment. Focused solis which additionally bring power and rapidity are yet the icing on the cake. You pick out here over 15 years professional experience from the first to the last . Steady neck muscle rotation is sowith guaranteed. As is usual very technical played ORIGIN roll like an avalance through the Metal country. By the game of tempi and guitar riffs develops a very experimental, modern production which nevertheless doesn’t forfeit bite and hardness. The distinctive and very emphatic vocals additionally give the main points which you doesn’t forget that fast. Very professional recorded is “Omnipresent“ a must-buy for all Death Metal fans!!!!


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