ORDOG ” Trail For The Broken”

Violent Journey Recors -2014- Finland

The Finns ORDOG are no newbees anymore. Already since 2005 musically on the road they released in March 2014 their already fourth cd which is called “Trail For the Broken“ via Violent Journey Records.
The cd initially stars very calm and dignified. “The Trail“ has an effect quite without any vocals and technical folderol. The following song “Scythe“disturbs the tranquility and relaxation abruptly. ORDOG now show where the musical journey will really lead us to. Doom Metal studded with several Death Metal elements is the topic now. Halting riffs which fluctuate between boredom and extremely touching result in the dark, awe-inspiring base frame. Inserted clean vocal passages support the aspects of monotony and loneliness. These seemingly extremes unite to an independent musical mass which sounds independent and nevertheless familiar. Worlds of despair, depression and darkness develop which offer no escape. You have to time in order to get to know “Trail For The Broken“. It is a very emotional cd which goes deep inward. Without any compromises, straight and sustainable composed ORDOG demand here a lot from the listener. But, it is worth by all means to come at this musical journey!!!!


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