ORDO INFERUS ”Invictus Et Aeternus”

Doomentia Records – 2014- International

The Swedes ORDO INFERUS are heart from again, After their in the year 2013 published cd “Damnati“ they now put their next opus “Invictus Et Aeternus“ which is distributed via Doomentia Records on the market.
Starting with seemingly weighting tons, halting riffs (“Sub Imperio Prolapse“) you could initially suppose that it is about a Doom Metal production . But at the following song “Lingua Silentium“ at the latest the sympathetic listener knows where the musical journey will really lead us to. You can hear now Death Metal par excellence. Multi-variant melodic riffs which nevertheless doesn’t lack of hardness and bite entering an unholy alliance with a powerful, aggressive drumming. Along with forceful bass lines they result in the base frame of “Invictus Et Aeternus“. Thereby the guys open the throttle without relapsing into dull thrashing. The diversified riffs give dynamics and power. They show that ORDO INFERUS consists of grown musicians who manage their musiscianship thus their instruments. The distinctive, emphatic growls of vocalist Tony Freed give additionally the main points. All mixed came out all in all twelve songs which sound fresh and nevertheless powerful and very dark. Here is also rendered homage the dark Roman Empire. Very professional and with a lot of power recorded ORDO INFERUS are successful in transporting the classical Death Metal almost perfect into the year 2014. A strong piece of Death Metal which should not lack in any cd collection!!!!


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