Oracles -”Dark Side Of God”

Recently I received knowing about a Turkish band called ORACLES. In 2013 the guys released their 2-track debut demo “Dark Side Of God“ via Gunebakanprods (available on cassette).
The same-named song “Dark Side Of God“ is available to me. What can I expect here? A mixture of Black Metal and Thrash Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. Spiced with a good and proper portion street attitude and hardness. Snotty, cheeky presented the song is energetic and thrilling. Kept in the mid tempo area the song is bubbling over of energy. Nevertheless “Dark Side Of Gods“ doesn’t miss the necessary hardness and also darkness. Recorded with a lot of joy of playing and much blood, sweat and tears the song whet’s definitely your appetite. Listen to the promo cassette. It’s worth it!!!!


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