OMISSION ”Pioneers Of The Storm”

Emanes Metal Records – 2012 – Spain

The Spaniards OMISSION are since 2002 active as a band. They released last year they their third full-length album “Pioneers Of The Storm“ via Emanes Metal Records.

After a sound sample intro it directly starts! You can hear here Old School Thrash Metal with a proper portion of Speed Metal. Thereby the gents are anything but fussy! Here are mixed doubleblast drummings with classical Thrash Metal and Speed Metal elements with an incredible speed. Thereof develop familiar and nevertheless independent songs. These come across fresh and energetic and thrill the listener. “Pioneers Of The Storm“ receives variety and also independence by variable changes in speed. The riffs confirm and manifest the Old School character. The aggressiveness is emphasized by the nagging vocals of guitarist and vocalist Patillas. The gents play very ambitious which you hear at each note. The lyrics are vicious til satanic which rounds off the general impression positively. OMISSION are with “Pioneers Of The Storm“ successful to make in the year 2013 a good Old School cd without thereby being a cover band. Listen to the record and judge yourselves. For each Old School Thrash Metal / Speed Metal fan a must!

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