OLDE – ” The Gates Of Dawn “

Soulseller Records – 2013 – International

The international duo OLDE (Ireland and USA) release in September 2013 their debut cd “The Gates Of Dawn“ via Soulseller Records.
What does my ears hear here? Old School Black Metal though and through. Bands like DISSECTION and WATAIN cross my mind especially at the riffs while listening the cd. Pitch-black Black Metal base frames cater a symbiosis to the melodies which are independent and nevertheless somehow familiar. Of this musical mass develop all in all ten songs which oze of coldness and hate. The musical insertions cater for the necessary variety. They however doesn’t lower coldness and hardness of the production in no way. Worlds of ice and darkness develop of which there is no escape. “The Gates Of Dawn“ get very emotional and emphatic under the skin. The aggressive, forceful doubleblast drumming does one last thing to reinforce this impression. The emphatic growls are the icing on the cake here. The cd is lyrically an ode to bygone times. OLDE are sucessful in transporting a traitional Black Metal album into the year 2013. A big thing for fans of Old School Black Metal. Here is buying duty!!!!


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