OLD FOREST ”Tales of the Sussex Weald ; Part 3 (Andredsweald)”

D.T.M. Production – 2011 – United Kingdom

Some time ago the Englishmen OLD FOREST released the third part of their trilogy. It is called “Tales Of The Sussex Weald; Pert 3 (Andredsweald)“ and was released via D.T.M.Productions.

A re-relaese of this album is planned for this year.
The gents play Black Metal of the old kind. Dark, full of hate and coldness. Melodic riffs strike up a bizarre symbiosis with severity. The thereof subsequent sound is spiced with severe doubleblast drumming and sacred choirs now and then. Thereby accrues a very arbitrary musical mixture. Rounded off by synthesizer sounds and the arbitrary growls of vocalist and synthesizer player Kobold you can descend in pitch-black worlds without light and colours. Misanthrophy and hopelessness within one’s reach. The all in all eleven songs are all kept in the mid tempo area. Partially halting riffs reinforce the gloomy death atmosphere. OLD FOREST are successful with “Tales Of The Sussex Weald; Pert 3 (Andredsweald)“ in creating a traditional and nevertheless diversified cd in the Black Metal genre. But, better listen yourselves to the cd!. It’s worth it!!!

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