OHOL YEG/KARANLIK split album is released ”We Despise the Crescent”

A split from a hateful alliance from the depths of Ankara, Turkey. Two one-man Black Metal projects cooperate to spark new and further motivations.

Ohol Yeg – Burning Crescents  
Ohol Yeg – Orbiting the Infinite Void  
Ohol Yeg – Primal Demise  
Karanlık – Widowmaker  
Karanlık – In League with Lucifer  
Karanlık – Defile the Holy Lands  

Album Credits (20:50) :

Ohol Yeg:
Guitars, vocals, drums, all production, post-production – Sazakan
Bass: Ata Berk Angı (Guest)
Album Art – Sazakan
Artist Photos on the Album cover – Serkan Tuna
First drawing draft of the logo – Vorgot Gainovel

All instruments and vocals – Ahraz
Mixing except vocals – Sazakan
Vocals recording, vocals mixing and vocal mastering – Deadhouse Studio


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