Offensor-”Dead Winter Session”

Funeral Rain Records -2013- Peru

The band OFFENSOR is from Peru. Already since 2010 musically active they released in the year 2013 their cd “Dead Winter Sessions“ via Funeral Rain Records.
You can hear very raw, little short of minimalist Black Metal. Laced with several Doom elements develops this way a very special gloomy mixture. The intro “Eros“ is a Noise collage. But at the following song “Inciados En El Vicio Suprenzo“ at the latest the listener knows what he really can expect here musically. Kept simple song structures which can’t more primordial generate a pitch-black, depressive atmosphere. Hopelessness and mending sorrow broaden. The highspeed imparts additional aggressiveness and sustainability. All these aspects make sure that you don’t forget “Dead Winter Sessions“ that fast. Extremely emotional presented the listener gets into an emotional roller coaster while listening. The production is also kept very simple and without any technical folderol which yet emphasizes the authentic character of the production. The songs are all written in English and Spanish language which sets “Dead Winter Sessions“ already alone apart from many other Black Metal bands. Listen to the cd and give OFFENSOR a chance. It’s worth it!!!!


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