ODEM ”The Valley Of Cut Tongues”

Deamon Worship Recs – 2014- Russia

The Russian band ODEM is already since 2008 together as a band. They put last year their cd “The Valley Of Cut Tongues“ via Daemon Worship Productions on the market.
The gents play severe Death Metal with a proper portion of Black Metal. Aggressive, traditional Death Metal solis mix with deep darkness to an independent, unholy mass and snowball everything which obstruct their way. Thereby ODEM display a bit of a speed. The fast, aggressive douleblast drumming reinforces hardness and hate of the production. You can literally feel rage, anger, despair which entrain the listener into a deep hole. A rollercoaster of emotion in an endless loop. Very empathic, pitch-black growls which are ear-piercing reinforce energy and self-assertion of “The Valley Of Cut Tongues“. This cd is definitely not suitable for sissies. And a good thing, too! The all in all four songs are very dedicated recorded. You should have ODEM in your Metal cd shelf by all means!!!!


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