OBSCURO ”Förintelsen Är Nära”

Demo, Total Death Productions – 2005 – Sweden

Listening it I have to confess, with a lot of regret that, this swedish band doesnt present nothing more than monotonic riffs and dissynchronized in some parts drum – beats – pretty typical for a lot of black betal bands , who just think over their different names, and follow one and the same trands, created before their appearance on the stage.On one side it is good to keep the tradition of the raw, old -school black metal , because there still are lots of fans that keep it in their hearts, so it is really verry hard for me to say “I like ” or ” I dislike ” Obscuro and their demo “Forintelsen Ar Nara ” .But it seems to me like a fading memory which will not leave any mark. The truth is that this guys are good followers of the black metal sounding of bands like Azaghal especially ” Mustamaa ” , with a slice difference in the vocals .The bad thing is that all of their and lots of others black metal bands efforts in creating this type of muzik are flodded between thousands and thousands band names , till the moment that listening one of them you have the feeling that have heard them all- lack of personality .

If i have to rate Obscuro with numbers, it will be…

510 – the golden middle -neither reject, nor favorites.

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