Trollzorn Records – 2014 – Germany

Pagan Metal also lives in Bergisches Land (Germany)! OBSCURITY prove this once again with their latest trick. It is called “Vintar“ and is distributed via Trollzorn Records.
The gents offer here finest Pagan Metal to us. Multi-variant, powerful riffs unite with a strong-willed drumming to a severe musical thunderstorm. Melodic insertions reinforce power and hardness of the production. You are abducted from the first note on into bygone times of the Old World. Mythology, legends and ancient belief are also in the year 2014 neither forgotten nor dead. Hosts of warriors who are prepared for new deeds roll over the country musically. You can already hear their roar in the form of vocalist Agalaz who stands by the warriors side with dark, reedy growls from afar. And it won’t fall silent. Thrilling and intense composed “Vintar“ is from the first to the last minute enthralling. OBSCURITY render homage to the Nordic gods in German language which I personally see as an advantage. Professional recorded you distinctively pick out that there were grown musicians at work who know their craft. Who would like to hear real good Pagan Metal can’t get around “Vintar“!!!!


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