Hi. Can you give some information about band?
Hello to you, first we would like to thanks you for the space granted us, the band was formed in november of 2009 with the meeting between hel (singer), and black charm (guitar) both having different musical experiences, and at research of a serious project, through which expose all the ideas until then collected over many years

How was the process of creation of The Darkest Dream”?
Our work is started 7 months ago, with passion and dark devotion, as a single being, that spits out his venom. Since the first song produced “Eurosia” the work was conducted smoothly, this due to the fact we are only two members, then with less concemptual contrasts. Has been truly exciting to see our thoughts assume form.

Is there any label that you are going to reach an agreement?
Actually we’re still searching a label to spread our work, we have had some offers, but because of some problems we had reject these ones.

How do you define your music for ones who don’t know you?
It’s the pure expression of what we are, and what we’ve become, a being that breath hate and exsudes putrefaction, that don’t have mercy for the weaks, with the only exception of our brothers. It’s a slow death that drag you claustrophobic dimension without the “light of life”.

Who does usually write the lyrics? And what does writer inspire?
Usually the singer writes the lyrics and after together we correct some passages, generally inspired by all that is obscure in the history of humanity, occultism, moved into a hypothetical era.

On your MySpace, there are links for The Darkest Dream album sales. How is the demand?
Considered that we’re a band appeared from few months, the sales go well enough and the copy are almost sold out, in fact now we have to print other copies, this thanks to who still supports the underground scene.

What are the bands that you listen or inspire?
We loves and are somehow inspired by the swedish black metal bands as Dark Funeral, Lord Belial and Watain, but also the athmospheres of Limbonic Art, Peste Noir and Satanic Warmaster.

What is the most important concert experience that you had or will have?
Until now we are exclusively focused on writing the album and we don’t feel the need to do concerts, maybe a day we’ll change this idea, but we promise you that we’ll compensate this with a high production in terms of quality and quantity.

Do you have any information about Turkish Metal market or about Turkish listeners?
Unfortunately we don’t know the Turkish Metal market and listeners but we are interested to know more about this reality.

You aren’t much popular on internet at the moment. There is a few web site that give information about you, but that is far from enough. I mean, I can’t find any picture of band. Do you have any plan about fixing that?
At the moment we are interested to spread our music rather our pictures or other.Many bands give more importance to image that music, in the near future will be published some reviews of our album, we think this can help to have more information about us and our work.

I’m impressed by “In Memoriam”. Guitar riffs sound to me melodious. Also can we say that “Birth of Tyrant” is giving more information about your style with its pure black frame?
Yes, “Birth Of Tyrant” is the song that represent our black metal form, but sometimes we don’t disdain the use more prominent of keyboards as completion of guitars or to enhance the atmosphere as “Afterlife Recall”and the just mentioned “In Memoriam”.

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to say?
Thanks again for the space granted us, thanks to all the people that support us. Keep the black flame alive.

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