NUMENOR ”The Forgotten Legends”

Tanelorn Records – 2011 – Serbia

The Forgotten Legends is the second release in this year from this epic Black Metal band from Serbia. This release is interesting for me for 2 reasons: 1.) I am a fan of this band; 2.) I am a fan of Summoning. Why did I mention Summoning now? Because this release is dedicated to Summoning, or to say it better, to the Minas Morgul album from Summoning. On this release are two cover version from the Minas Morgul album which is in my opinion a good album, but unfortunately, the production was from time to time a bit bad. That is why I like this release, because it brings two songs from this album with a better and cleaner production. Both of the songs are close to the original songs, but the band brought also some new ideas in it. “The Legend of the master ring” is the first song on this CD. The beginning of the song beginnings with a sample intro taking from a LOTR movie which is in my opinion a very good idea. The sound of the instruments are way better than in the original version where it sounded from time to time like some details were drowned in the sound. The second song here on this release shows it the best. It is an instrumental version of the song “Dagor Bragollach”. Here the listener can hear how many details were drowning in the original version. I hear here for the first time some melodies in this song which I know for over a decade now. This release is very good and I would recommend it to all the fans of Numenor and Summoning, because both groups of fans will get something good.


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