NUCLEAR ”Jehovirus”

Sick Bangers – 2010 – Chile

I hadn’t listened to a band from Chile for a while. There was an MySpace account, Chilian Thrash Metal, I added it and learnt a lot about the bands. Actually Chile is one of the most active metal music countries in South America. Nuclear makes thrash metal but still I want to sum up their style, because when I started to listening to the album, I heard a sound like Metallica’s And Justice For All album. That means the band isn’t so underground. Album gets tougher as you go on but I will tell I heard a modern sound in that album.

Nuclear is a member of Heavy/Thrash metal stream. Album name seems a little anti-semitist, but after latest powerful Jewish trend, it might not be wrong if we say that the anger is global.

“Belligerence”,”Brutal yet Pracise”,”The one we must kill” songs are successful… As I said, album starts like Metallica’s And Justice For All and gets like a blend of Kreator and Exodus, and you can notice Tom Araya-like vocals. Nuclear is a successful band, they’ve been on the scene for 10 years, but I won’t judge their past because this is the album I met them. So, keep on rocking guys!


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