NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR – Raw ,Fast and Brutal

Suicide Records – 2013 – Italy

Italian band Nuclear Agressor was invented in 2010 and they released a couple of demo records but also their name was become prominent in the middle of 2013.

In the last times,there raising numbers of speed/thrash metal metal bands are and the sound of this pure form and the additions of powerful and growling screamy vocals that you are facing off Nuclear Agressor.By the help of elements of old school forms of song writings and by the greeting hails to black metal with the vocal style of Nuclear Agressor,there you are faced to an adviced album by me for the readers who are the followers of this kind of sickness.

Only things that the listeners never find in this record is there no clean sound and you will hear acoustic drums (in which dominantly I look for)and pure guitar tunes which say ‘’fuck off ‘’ digital sounds and effects and you will enjoy the agressive and hateful vocals…If you are the follower of underground thrash metal sound,you will love Nuclear Agressor for sure…


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