NORDLAND ”Nordland”

Glorious North Productions – 2011 – United Kingdom

NORLDAND is a 1-man project from England. “Nordland“ is the debut cd and already for some time on the scene.

Here is rendered homage to by now bygone times in Nordic realms. Packed in icecold Black Metal tones. Thereof develop raw and pure songs which are very emotional and dark. You can literally feel coldness and emotions. The listener is taken along in the Old World of myths and legends from which there is no escape. Conscious kept simple song structures which substantiate the brute and primitive elements and are nevertheless atmospheric. The emphatic growls yet reinforce this impression. Thereby Vorh utterly renounces of experiments and excursions in other musical realms. By the variable use of tempi “Nordland“ receives variability and additional energy without thereby loosing the actual musical goal. The cd is very emotional and demands a lot from the listener. NORDLAND produces here fireworks of emotions, hate, darkness and coldness, packed in notes. Listen to “Nordland“ and judge yourselves! I can only recommend the cd!!!

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