Nocturnal Breed -”Napalm Nights”

Agonia Records – 2014 – Norway

You need not to introduce NOCTURNAL BREED anymore. One of the musical old-hands of Norway are heart from again. Their latest cd is called “Napalm Nights“ and is distributed via Agonia Records.
And the guys teach here everyone the ins and outs! Thrash Metal with Black Metal influences resounds off my loudspeakers. Loud, dirty and dark the listener is offered a journey deep into the Thrash Metal realms. Thereby the street attitude logically comes off anything but badly. Partially vertiginous fast riffs which are kept originally and raw give the production freshness and severity. Here is spitted and yelled to a fare-thee well! Rock’N’Roll speckles ala MÖTÖRHEAD give “Napalm Nights“ additional authenticity and the necessary bite. Here is hadbanging non-stop the order of the day! Along with the distinctive vocals which give additionally the main points. But, NOCTURNAL BREED are also able to act different! Interpolated, slower passages give the listener at least for awhile an opportunity to take breath. “Napalm Nights“ got a very diversified cd which delight. Thrilling and nevertheless with sufficient alternation is the production from the first to the last note a good value! NOKTURNAL BREED show with “Napalm Nights“ that they have nothing unlearnt over the years. To the contrary: They are getting better and better with age. Listen to the cd. A must-buy for each (Old School) Thrash Metal fan!!!!

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