NOCTEM ”Exilium”

Art Gates Records -2014 – Spain

NOCTEM are heard from again. This year the Spaniards released their by now third cd “Exilium“ via Art Gates Records.
It initially stars here very bombastic, almost epic with the acoustic intro “Enuma Elish“. More melodic than the forerunner “Oblivion“ it gets after that straight to the finishing line: Technical Black Metal with several Death Metal elements is now the topic. Bizarre worlds of ice and hate construct. Pitch-black and without hope for escape NOCTEM crush everything which obstructs on their way. With many variations played riffs give the production variety and simultaneously intensity. The little short of unhuman fast doubleblast drumming ensures the neccessary quickness which follow NOCTEM through on until the end. Short melodic insertions prevent monotony and repetition. These go partially into the bombast area and are enriched with chorale sounds which sound strange and beutiful at the same time. Together with the distinctive growls of vocalist Beleth this results in a pretty extreme, black musical mixture which has plenty of punch. Very professional recorded you notice that NOCTEM know what they want and that they are able to implement this musically. An all around diversified modern Black Metal album which you should have listened to!!!!


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