NO HAND PATH are a band from Patras – Greece. Their style is mainly black metal with doom touches here and there. Their 2007 demo contains 3 songs with durations 6-8 minutes, totalling to 22 minutes. The thing one sees first is that all 3 songs have the word “Journey” in their titles.

Listening to the demo, we surely get a feeling of a journey one makes through his internal world, through his soul, through his mind, longing for deliverance from his demons and freedom from his own slavery. The demo closes with the instrumental “The Longest Journey” which brings a kind of tranquility and calmness after taking the torturing journey of the previous songs.

I liked especially the guitars in this demo, which were giving a sense of haunting on one hand and attacking (I wonder what or who) on the other. I consider it a good trial. These guys seem to have potentials and I’m sure they can give us more in the future.

Track listing
1.The Deepest Journey
2.The Darkest Journey
3.The Longest Journey

Their address for contacting them is :
Ramin, 29 Amerikis, 264 42 Patras, Greece and their e-mail:

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