NO DAWN ”Drain To Revive”

Self Released – 2010 – Norway

After many years is finally “Drain To Revive” (EP) from the Norwegian band No Dawn out. After so long waiting so expectations were relatively high, and they deliver the goods! Already from the title track they take me with storm, so there’s not much negative to emphasize. The vocals are a bit fuzzy at times, but it does not much reason .. cause the voice melt with the rest .. and all in all, this must be one of winter’s big news on the metal front in Norway! A new band is fostered, and I look forward to the full-length already, hopefully, the album is out in a year or two for all I know!

It should also be noted that there are musicvideos to the song “Ascending Malice”, and “Death In Solitude”. The latest musicvideo was released with the EP yesterday, and has already received much critical acclaim.


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