What was the reason that started Nibdem? How did it begin can you tell us a little?
I started NIBDEM because I had musical ideas for a long time already, but I couldn’t find the right persons to translate those ideas into music. At the end of 2003 I felt the need to create music myself, and so NIBDEM was born.

As it’s a single person project,the demo ”Destroy Yourself” and then “Forgotten Silence” ;which you published from the net,were exactly successful over the look of restriction and arrangement.What was passing through your mind while you were doing the demo?
First I want to make clear that the version of Forgotten Silence’ I placed on the internet isn’t the final version of the song, soon it will be released as a split 7” with Hungarian Marblebog, with real drums, so without drum-computers. Joe (Krieg, Open Grave) is going to drum upcoming nibdem songs.
What’s passing through my mind when I’m recording songs, hard to say, mostly personal feelings, sometimes positive, but mostly negative feelings. Music is the ideal way to get rid of such feelings.

The name “Destroy Yourself” is quite attractive, and I think self contradictions and pessimism is dominant in your lyrics,well,can we say Destroy Yourself is a work that supports suicide?
No, not really, it’s just how you read the titles. You can destroy yourself by commit suicide. But you can also destroy yourself by wasting your life with doing nothing, or too much, for example. The title is free to interpret.

Forgotten Silence is reflecting the firs demo athmosphere but in the introduction part clean vocals attracted my attention,is your style going away from black metal or did you want to try something different?
I’m not playing within any borders, I’m making the music which I want to make, when it’s black metal, OK. When it isn’t black metal, also good. It’s just about feelings, not about styles.

What are the basics of having a conversation in Vampire-mag despite of you have only one demo that published in 2004? Do you think whether there is a connection between the opportunities of your place that you live in?
I don’t think so, Vampire Magazine, is an e-zine which gives lots of underground bands a change to profile theirselves due to reviews and interviews. The place I’m living in doesn’t make any sense. Demo bands from all over the world are getting a fair chance at Vampire Magazine.

Will Nibdem think of being a group or will it continue single?
Nibdem will always be me. No-one else will be able to be a full member of the band. So it will always stay single. But for upcoming songs Joe will join NIBDEM as session member to drum in the songs. And in the past I’ve worked together with Daniel from Swedish black metal band Scorched, who programmed the drums for one song.

In the first demo which includes 3 songs, negative and cold weather was catchy.Are you composing your songs according to what? / How are your songs compossed according to?

My songs are reflections of my moods and feelings. So there isn’t really a ‘normal’ way of writing songs for me. Mostly it starts with a guitar riff, which I build out, then the drums and after that bass-guitars and finally the vocals.

I learned from your web-site that you will do some split works in the future, can you give us some information about that?
Soon there will be released a split 7” EP with Marblebog, which will be released by Hungarian label Turanian Honour. I’m also planning a split 7” with Scorched. And that’s it for the moment.

How much are you satisfied with the "Plague prods."?
I’m very satisfied with Plague prods. The label did a great job with the release of the ‘Destroy Yourself’ demo. I’m happy working together with that label for the demo!

Nibdem’s style is thought to be "Suicidal Black Metal",do you agree with this? Exactly “suicidal” mood is dominant but maybe you can call it differently?
Call it whatever you want. If people see it as Suicidal black metal, than it’s fine to me. I see it myself as Cold, Melancholic black metal.

What are your thoughts about the feature of the project?
Like I told before, soon there will be the release of the split 7” with Marblebog, after that the split 7” with Scorched. And I guess then I will be ready for an album. But I will take my time for it.

Are you thinking of giving a concert in the feature?
No, not at the moment, but who knows, maybe in a far future.

I want to ask you a few classic questions. Which groups are you following recently? Can you say your favorites?
Recently I’m mostly listening to bands like: Uaral, Darkthrone, Burzum, Nachtmystium, Leviathan, Krohm, Xasthur. Mainly raw black stuff.

I know you like some American groups,is there a chance to give a place to their inspirations?
I’m surely inspired by them, but I’m also inspired by european bands like Burzum and Darkthrone, and I think those american bands are also influenced by those bands…

And finally,have you got a message to our readers?
Actually not.

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