NEXUS ”The Paradise Complex”

2009 – Australia

Because it’s the most liked album presentation by me, I chose to review this album first from the promo came to me. Elegance of the album cover gives the signs of the album content. I couldn’t find a label of the album, couldn’t see it on the website too. But I’m suprised that this album doesn’t have a label.

We are facing technical and extreme music. It’s been long I listened progressive metal, but actually this is more than progressive, it has an extreme sound, hard as death metal.An album with brutal/scream vocal and breaks, I might name it progressive death metal. I overjoyed it. Those guys, who make their musics somewhere in the world, deserve to be known. Maybe you have already heard them. I liked the album,very good musicians they are, and very good production. I want to shake their hands and congratulate them, I want to see them live and just look at them without headbanging!


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