New Video From Defamed Is Published “Aeon”

Savagely rising from the ashes of the previous band Drown in Sulphur after they’d been betrayed by one of theirs, new deathcore act Defamed is fueled with the rage that defines the genre. Introducing themselves with their intense and relentless debut single “Circles” and a cover of Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina”, Defamed are working on their debut EP to be released in 2020. A new single “In Tenebris” comes out on June 12th 2020.


“Aeon” is an extreme track between death metal and deathcore, immersing the listener in the darkness and exploring metaphorically the theme of shadows returning to Earth to consume all life. The song comes out with a music video alternating between black and white and blood-red colours, echoing the theme of the lyrics. This track is the band’s fourth single from their debut EP “Aeon” coming on December 4th.

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