New Lyric Video from Meshum (Brutal Death Metal – Turkey)

One man Turkish Brutal Death metal project Meshum shared the lyric video of the song “Evolvement into Bestiality” from his debut album “Enigmatic Existential Essence”.

We also know Erkin Öztürk from bands such as Decimation, Cenotaph, Rektal Tuse, and Raven Woods.

01. Evocation of Souls Beyond Nothingness
02. Exhuming Grim Heredity (The Era of Inverse Genesis)
03. Embodiment of Dismal Presence
04. Encephalic Transmutation
05. Entranced in Cognitive Obscurity
06. Endwise Towards the Clusters of Reason
07. Eerie Engravings in Coagulated Deliriums
08. Exploring Labyrinths of Aberration
09. Evolvement into Bestiality
10. Enthrallment Through Excruciation
11. Exposed to Dirges of Suffering
12. Eroded Chambers of Perdition
13. Embers Flit Among the Edifices of Uncreation

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