NETHERBIRD ” The Ferocious Tides Of Fate ”

Scarecrow Music Group – 2013 – Sweden

You actually don’t need to introduce NETHERBIRD at all. Since 2004 as a band musically on the road they recently released “The Ferocious Tide Of Fate“ via Scarecrow Music.
The Swedes prove once again here that hard music can be quite melodic. Black Metal streaked Death Metal (or with pleasure also in reverse) comes upon melodic parts. These are very diversified. Sometime very fragile, little short of breakable then again morbid, bordering to bombast they brighten up a little bit the dark, aggressive, hard atmosphere. As a result arises an own, very complex sound which sets apart from many Metal productions. The all in all six songs all move in the mid tempo area and go definitely forwards. You can literally feel the energy and the strength which is spread to the listener. Nevertheless the guys are successful in maintaining the dark basic structure at any time. The emphatic, distinctive growls give additionally the main points. Very professional and dedicated recorded is “The Ferocious Tides Of Fate“ a good example that hard music can be quite diversified and innovative without loosing substance. NETHERBIRD show here their skills which move far away of monotony and blunt thrashing, but nothing forfeit of its nativeness. An absolutely purchase obligation!!!!


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