Neorhythm – Fight For Fire

Groove Death Metal project NEORHYTHM was born in 2017 as a creative collaboration of two musicians from Russia. The debut album “Zetetic” was released in June 2018, the songs on it narrated on various cosmological, social and futuristic topics. In November 2018, EP “Meteoric Thoughts” was released as a continuation of the debut, after which the band sat down in 2019 to compose and record their second album. The new, this time conceptual album “Terrastory” released on March 20, 2020, on Earth Day and will gradually tell the whole history of the planet and humanity, reflecting different eras, both lyrically and musically.

“Song tells about the pre-glacial period of life of Homo Sapiens, a modern type of man who formed about 200,000 years ago. Although modern science knows very less about languages and palaeography in times before the end of the last glacier 11,000 years ago, we now know very good about human genetics and how the Man settled on the planet, having swarmed all the continents in the Paleolithic, including Australia and America.”

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