Lupus Lounge – 2015 -Romania

5 years ago Negura Bunget released their last album and beside their EP and the DVD
from 2011 it was very quiet from them. Now, they released a new album and it sounds
very interesting. It doesn’t continue where the stopped with their last album. It has more to offer comparing to “Virstele Pamintului” from 2010. One thing is that it has at certain moments some almost Heavy Metal parts in it. But there are still a lot of Romanian Folk elements as we know it from them by now. The atmosphere of this release is very close to the atmosphere of their previous release. The first song called “Nametenie” here on this release is the longest one with over 10 minutes in length. It is also the creepiest one with some female screams in the background which sounds like some witch is screaming. “Curgerea Muntelui” is a very interesting song almost without any Metal elements from any genre. The Metal elements come only at the end of this song. It’s made on keyboard with some kettle drums and reminds me a bit of Wardruna. “Taram Valhovnicesc” isn’t such a good song in my opinion. After and interesting start it continued a bit too usual and it isn’t up to the task that the start let me hoped for. In the song “Picur Viu Foc” it seems that Negura Bunget looked back at their more Black Metal days. Its harder and darker comparing to the rest of the material from here.


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