NECROPHOR ”The Eye of Terror”

Demo- 2014- Sweden

NECROPHOR are from Sweden. In June 2014 they put their second demo “The Eye Of Terror“ in in-house production on the Metal market.
The gents really get started here immediately. Death Metal from the first to the last note. Hardness and brutality, skilful mixed with melodic parts. NECROPHOR however never loose sight of its proper focus, the Death Metal. The strong-willed growls of vocalist Henrik Eriksson as well as the powerful drumming already ensure that. Thereby is not only focused on rapidness and thrashing. By the carefully thought game with tempi develop three dynamic songs which are alive and which are nevertheless doesn’t lack of aggressiveness and intensity. The forceful however don’t superimposing bass-lines put the final kick by the production yet. Technically adept you can see that “The Eye Of Terror“ was recorded by skilled musicians. Uncompromising, hard and focused NECROPHOR show their comprehension of Death Metal in the year 2014 to the listener. Listen to the demo. It’s worth it!!!!


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