NARVIK ”Ascension to Apotheosis”

Folter Records – 2016 -Germany

The German band NARVIK released in May 2016 their latest opus “Ascension To Apothrosis“. The cd is distributed by the label Folter Records.
The opus initially starts very spheric and minimalist. The listener is led completely without any vocals into icy worlds of sorrow and depression. Also at the following song ”Wounds Of Aspiration” the gents show that they are far from many of the Black Metal mishmash productions. The highspeed doubleblast drumming combines with dark, very minimalist riffs to a musical world without any light and happiness. The emotional vocals are here the absolutely highlight. The vocalist Redeemer gets the best from himself and let us look deep inwards. The forceful bass lines round off the infernal fireworks of hate and darkness perfectly. You distinct feel which power and energy the songs atomise. Very bulky songs which make a lasting impression. NARVIK created with ”Ascension To Apotheosis” a little pearl. Very dedicated recorded you can hear in each note the experienced musicians. Who likes Depressive Black Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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