NARSAMHAAR ” Genocide Euphoria ”

Alchemix Studio – 2014 – Nepal

We know that Nepal is not quite known as the Metal country. NARSAMHAAR want to change this with their cd “Genocide Euphoa“. Have a look what the outcome is.
You can hear here Death Metal. Riffs which come in once melodic then again aggressive and brute or poach into Thrash Metal realms combine with dark Death Metal base frames to all in all seven songs which are severe and memorable. The dark, emphatic growls give also the main points and yet reinforce the tense atmosphere. Musical worlds of horror and blood develop which doesn’t relinquish the listener that fast. Thereby the songs develop an independent existence of hardness and forcefulness. Variations in speed give the necessary variety in order not to sound monotonous. You have to bring aloong here a lot of stamina, but it’s worth it! Very dedicated and recorded with much blood, sweat and tears I can only recommend “Genocide Euphoria“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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