NARJAHANAM”Undama Tath’hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb”

Narjahanam is the one man band from Bahrain as a genre of Arabic Black Metal.I dont know why Arabians are so interested in black metal in these days but it could be because of over pressure of autocratic regime or maybe the spread of internet to all around globe.But the unusual thing is to hear projects from unusual locations.

As i heard; Narjahanam tells an epic story and can be the listener of “popular metal” in our country. Narjahanam made oriental atmosphere with synthesizer, totally distorted guitars,graced with harsh vocals and ofcourse drums are electronic-systemed” drum machine”, …The record fits the typical atmospheric black metal genre and looks like a great work.

Undama Tath’hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb are marketed by Haarbn productions the Denmark.Something weird that a production company from Denmark marketed an Arabian bands record.As known as Denmark has a bad attitude to Islamic formations and got too many black mails from radical islamic organizations.

Song’s names are Arabic in the album.The second track that named “Laheep Al Nar” is different than whole record especially synthesizer was not used, not too much melodies and completely distorted guitars with agressive drums which can be named as black metal.Also “Al Jihad” is the another song that i like.It has great atmopshere with nice melodies.Besides lots of traditional instruments are used in the record as ” tabor, reed flute and kanun”(is more likely to harp unless it plays horizontal not vertical)

After quite research for the meaning of Narjahanam ,I found out that its Hells Fire.On the front of record,there are logo and record name, they both written with arabic letters.Also it has theme on it as orange coloured-flames.The record is generally rhythmic, mostly melodic, sometimes orientic but not good as Melechesh of course.But if you want to taste something different,its not a bad choise to listen Narjahalam, not at all.


*Thanks Darknia for helping

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