NARBELETH ” Through Blackness And Remote Places”

Folter Records – 2015 – Cuba

Cuba is in general not a country from which many Black Metal bands come from. The 1-man project NARBELETH (aka Dakkar) is therefore rather an exotic in his own country. Founded in 2008 the label Folter Records released theses days his by now thrid full-length album. It is called “Through Blackness And Remote Places“.
Finest Black Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. You immediately feel relegated into the early days. But, don’t worry! Dakkar manages it nevertheless with his opus not to sound sentimental or let alone sound boring. Melodic and however pitch-black reality and dream worlds become blurred to a demolition bomb of hate and hardness. High-energy and multifarious arranged the listener feels in each note rage and despite. Extremely intense NARBELETH shows how Black Metal should sound like. Raw and unsophisticated. Recorded primordial with much blood, sweat and tears “Through Darkness And Remote Places“ is quite suitable as acess for the genre Black Metal. For everybody else it is a must – buy!!!!


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